Donate to to receive handbil promo artwork stickers! please use messenger YouTube evidence & promotional channel unlawfully removed by Google & YouTube LLC on false policy claim & in contravention the class F protected materials legislation through state, federal & foreign law.

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Visual legal reference political & legal casework adverts VS YOUTUBE LLC

YouTube C.E.O. Neal Mohan & Legal Director Paul Grove's favourite YouTube Playlist for fraudulent policy claims

PETITION We want the Welsh Government to rescind and remove the disastrous 20mph law (469,158) excess of 5% Welsh electorate for referendum)

Dave Fowler HOC Stop Ulez PETITION (1,651) (A AMALGAMATE TO B + C)

Tim Rowling (217,662) & John Wyszomierski (258,858) ULEZ PETITIONS (AMALGAMATED B + C)

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Marianne Williamson for President, the alternative candidate

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Justice for Johnny Hollman!! Donate here! a Father killed by police in Atlanta in a terrorist attack by the state

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Sign the Petition to save Sacred Stonehenge Landscape from the Department of Transport & Tory Ministers We are entitled to a Referendum in Wiltshire!

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